Our Platform

  •  Stored consignment notes for quick tracking and reporting

    You’ll have full visibility from the electronic reporting available, including full track and trace for all consignments, including “click of the button” POD’s with a scanned image of the signature online.
  •  No more wasting money on weight/volume you're not using

    We load linear rates for you, accessed via our system. No more paying for weight and space you’re not using. E.g. your 7 kg parcel heading inter Island would normally cost you a 10kg prepaid ticket. However, as our client you’ll only pay for 7kgs, because you pay incrementally by kilo or cubic equivalent resulting in impressive savings.
  •  Optimized freight options

    For every shipment, we'll provide you with multiple shipping options - beginning with the cheapest option appearing at the top of your screen.
  •  Intuitive Interface

    Fast, user friendly interface takes the guesswork out of calculating freight costs
  •  Multiple printing options

    You can print our shipping labels using your regular printer - or choose to invest in a thermal printer. Thermal printers print much faster and don't require toner or ink, saving you money on cartridges. We recommend a thermal printer for businesses sending out 30 or more shipments per week. We supply and provide support for Zebra LP2844 and GC420D printers.
  •  E-Commerce Integration

    We're integrated with a large range of E-Commerce platforms - meaning you can select an order from your existing platform with a single click and automatically obtain all the information required for the label. No more typing or copy pasting shipping addresses. Learn more about our integrations here.