Penney and Bennett

“We have just begun to use your services, and we just wanted to say we are THRILLED with how much easier you have made our business.

GoSweetSpot was the solution to all of the trouble we were having for sending parcels, we never knew what the cheapest options were available and never received any good customer service to tell us about them. Instead we had salesmen sell us costly tickets that we didn’t actually need. Now we can very quickly send items using easy software that helps us keep track of everything.
We are a small startup business who are growing and I feel like we are taken seriously and GoSweetSpot will enable us to cope easily when we reach higher volumes in the future.

I just wanted to pass it on how much we value this and we wished we had used it from the very start. ”

Loren Marks, Owner

My Natural Health

“ I’m well impressed with gosweetspot and their courier providers. I only wished I had jumped on-board earlier.”
Simon Dwyer, Director

Industrial First Aid Supplies

“The savings we’re making using gosweetspot are quite amazing.”
Brian Lovrich, Managing Director

Cube Creative Print & Signage

“We’ve used gosweetspot for 3 years and we’ve saved 40% on courier costs”.
Aaron Baskerville, Director

Red Seal Natural Health

“The transition from our previous courier company’s automated ticketing system to gosweetspot’s smarter system was painless. The multi-carrier capabilities of gosweetspot is showing marked improvements within our DC”
Clinton McClean, Operations Manager

BackFlow NZ

“The easiest and most efficient freight management system I have ever used. It’s saved me so much time and money”.
Llewellyn White, Director